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Runway and Taxiways

Runway (RWY)

pss2Lenght: 3300 m
Width: 45 m
Direction: 118/298 (12/30)

Made of asphalt and concrete in touchdown zone strenght: LCN 90

 Taxiways Width LCD    rulnastaza1
 A  22.5m  80  
 B  27m  80  
 C  27m  90  
 D  27m  90  
 E  27m  90  
 I  22.5m  90  
 W  22.5m  80  
Taxiway W 1200 m long 22,5 m wide (2x13 m shoulders)
Navigation and Frequencies

toranjNavigation equipment
Radio far: KLP 318 kHz CV 397 kHz GR 414 kHz
VOR/DME/DBK: 115,400 Mhz/CH 101X
ILS: IDU 110,1 MHz
Tower: KLP 318 kHz
APP: CV 397 kHz
EMG: GR 414 kHz
Air to ground radio frequency 131,75 MHz
Power supply and lightning

Runway 12 CALVERT white optic HI
Runway light - available
Intersections available
PAPI (Precision Aproach Path Indicator) Runway 12
Secundary power supply: switch-over time max 10 sec

Virtual tour

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Đurović cave

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